Scribed on July 28, 2015


Vox Ludi Serpent in the Staglands review!

Francisco of Vox Ludi has written a thorough write-up of Serpent in the Staglands and his experiences. If you’re on the fence or wondering about the game, check it out! Full link after some choice quotes we enjoyed:

“Like the seafaring Amethyvians that worship Necholai, Serpent in the Staglands’ foremost quality is its ambition, which looms like a mountain over the smaller hills that are its flaws. If you choose to venture into the peninsula, I tell you this: the Staglands are a dangerous place, and the carrion god takes mortals and gods alike.”

“This lack of hand-holding and the multitude of applications you can give to your aptitudes lend the game a truly pen-and-paper role-playing game feel, leaning not only on its choices, writing and story to summon this feeling but on the fact that you have many tools you can put to use throughout the game.”

Link to full review