Scribed on December 28, 2015


News in the The New Year + Rock Paper Shotgun’s The Scrolls of Honour – 2015!

Earlier this month we were on Richard Cobbett’s “The Scrolls of Honour” , listed as: “The Scroll of Histories: Serpent in the Staglands”. We thought that was very neat and we wanted to share the article with you, and the whole thing is a very fun read if you hadn’t seen it yet, check it out.

As we close out the year we wanted to say thanks to everyone who supported us with feedback and played Serpent in the Staglands since the release in May! We wanted to post some information on the free expansion, but decided we could do better with a proper reveal with more actual content early next year. Big changes coming to Vol that we think you’ll enjoy! So expect some news on that and Copper Dreams, as well as a small Vol chronology site which will house content on the different campaigns happening in it.

Hope all you Spicers have a wonderful new year!