Serpent in the Staglands

An isometric, real time, party-based RPG set in the icy Staglands, where a god and chosen company embark on a perilous journey.

"The dark 'n' hopeless medieval look, the spells, even the menu positioning to the sides just bellows of hours spent meticulously crafting characters with 2d4 hit dice." - Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Serpent in the Staglands features:

A setting historically inspired by the late bronze age in a Transylvanian landscape

A classless role-playing system where you create builds via any combination of the magic, combat and aptitude skills available to create or find up to 5 unique characters

Non-linear storyline and open exploration right out of the gate, with branching decisions that cut off or open paths for quests and endings

Party-based, real time with pause combat focused on macro tactical decisions and creative party skill combinations


Kickstarter Update #18

New portraits, preview trailer, a look into Tratis Saltis and more.

Polished HUD, Scaling, and usability upgrades

For Beta 2.0 we've finally gotten around to adjusted the HUD with full pillar boxing to contain everything, as well as updated the resolution capabilities to allow for adjusting the window mode to any size.

New Trailer

Check out the new trailer!

Podcast Interview

Adam Dayton had us as a guests on his podcast, and had fun talking about some previous work, designing Serpent in the Staglands, the lost art of crpgs in modern games and finding power armor in Fallout.

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