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Introducing Copper Dreams, a cyber-espionage party-based CRPG

Set in the futuristic space colony Calitana, an isolated city overrun with corruption and crime, you'll use stealth and strategy to explore and survive in this turn-based, pen and paper inspired game.



Copper Dreams on PC Gamer!

“I was excited before, but now the Kickstarter has hit, I have reached a new level of excitement I thought only possible with the invention of interstellar space travel…”


Announcing: A Fool’s Banquet

What ho, backers! We’re back and excited to share some information with you about the free Serpent in the Staglands expansion! Titled “A Fool’s Banquet,” the expansion takes place in the Lachovinian Isles in the aftermath of the Moon Lord’s journey through the Staglands. A New Engine and Ruleset As we began designing the campaign … Continue reading Announcing: A Fool’s Banquet


Health & Resting

Over the next few months we’ll be diving into the intricacies of the Burning Candle ruleset, which is the system we’ve created for both A Fool’s Banquet (the Serpent in the Staglands expansion) and Copper Dreams. One of the big mechanics which affects many aspects of gameplay, from combat to pacing to exploration, is health … Continue reading Health & Resting


Copper Dreams preview video

We’re very excited to share a preview video for Copper Dreams showcasing some setting and gameplay details!

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